Guidance during a purchase

Are you looking for a new home? Then you’ve come to the right place. We are specialized in the purchase of properties in Amsterdam.

What do we do for you?

Step 1:  Introductory meeting

During the introductory meeting we map out your living wishes and needs and we discuss their feasibility. We also explain our work method to you and provide insight into the expenses.

Step 2: The supply

Every day we screen the housing supply for Amsterdam and its surroundings. The properties that fit your search profile we will send to you per email.

Step 3: Interest

If you are interested in a property we will make an appointment for a viewing. Your purchase broker will accompany you to offer advice and guidance.

Step 4: Advice

During the viewing we look at the constructional state as well as the state of maintenance of the property. Are you interested in the property? Then we take care of everything else, such as for example the legal status, the value, marketability, the condition of the foundation, any potential contamination of the soil, zoning, etc.

Step 5: Negotiations

In close consultation we advise you about which negotiation strategy is best to follow. In addition, we advise you about the height of your bid as well as the best moment to make an offer. We take care of the offer, but of course always only after you have signed off on it.

Step 6: Concluding

If we reach an agreement, we confirm all the terms and conditions.

If desired we will schedule a building survey. Subsequently we will send all documents to the notary office for the preparation of the sale agreement.

Step 7: Transfer

When financing is complete we will accompany you during the inspection, the legal transfer and the actual handing over of the keys.